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Calling Out False Teachers…Perry Stone! Podcast AND Blog!

Are you a pastor? No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

During my 41 years of agnosticism I never really gave much thought to a pastor’s qualifications. In fact, I didn’t really care. The times I did attend church, which was regularly as a child, the preacher was normally a local guy that worked down the street and preached on Sunday’s. I learned later the term for these individuals is a bi-vocational pastor. And, I understand, many still practice this type of ministry today. I’m not sure where or when this started. And people give many reasons for why it is done. Mainly financial. However, it is not Biblical. So, what does a Holiday Inn have to do with anything? I am glad you ask!

I have been a missionary for almost five years. I have yet to be 100% funded. And I promise I have heard I need to get a “job” to make more money. Besides, Paul was a tent maker. But, this isn’t about the financial side of ministry. Unless of course you are one that it is about; false teachers. I would suggest many, if not most, of the false teachers aren’t concerned about finances. Most have plenty of money. Thus, my point, why are so many professing followers of Christ listening to and supporting false teachers? Better yet, why isn’t the church calling out false teachers, which indeed is Biblical?

In Christianity, a false teacher is anyone sharing doctrine that is outside of Orthodox Christianity. Yes, there are essential doctrines that make up Christianity. A standard of what determines Christianity from all other religions. Anyway, they are typically popular. Sadly, among professing followers. They sound Christian, look Christian, (whatever that means) and do things society thinks Christians should be doing. But, they are also wolves in sheep clothing. Much of the New Testament warns about these people. From Jesus, to Paul, Peter and Jude to name a few. The question is, why are we not naming names, as Paul did, and warning other Christians? I think part of it is because many do not know they are false teachers, and the rest are scared!

People love Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Ken Hagin and John Hagee, to name a few. Locally, southern West Virginia, the prosperity gospel appears to be the fastest growing false doctrine being shared. I will go as far to say if your pastor graduated from Rhema Bible Training center then he or she is a false teacher. If their doctorate came from Life University, who boasts such alumni as Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland, they are false teachers! Why you ask? Read the belief statements of the church they pastor! And if you don’t know the essential doctrines of Christianity, first shame on you, and second study and learn what they are!

Not everyone that claims Christianity are Christians! Mormons claim to be, and if you think they are, well, you need to read what they believe as well.

However, the main point is this: Perry Stone! Perry is coming to Huntington WV and was recently in Logan WV. Perry is a false teacher! What, say it ain’t so! And I, as usual, am the bad guy for attempting to warn my so-called brothers and sisters to not attend this event. Perry, as with John Hagee, has made numerous prophetic claims that have not happened. Strike one. Biblical prophets only get one strike and they are out. I can’t help you like what these people have to say. Joel Osteen has a lot of nice things to say. I am simply following the Biblical command and example to warn you and call out false teachers. It is not popular, comfortable, or easy. But instead of getting mad at the messenger, please take a few minutes and find out if who you like, support, or follow is teaching Truth!

I will discuss more on this subject later today on the RC Talk Voice of Ratio Christi at Marshall podcast. You can listen on iTunes, or I share a link on the Ratio Christi at Marshall Facebook page you can follow.

Will you continue to follow, listen and support false teachers? Or, will you learn and share the Truth? Will you join me in calling out Perry Stone for who he is? Email me at for more information!

Oh, what does the Holiday Inn statement have to do with any of this. It was a commercial, usually featuring a Dr., or someone considered an expert, performing a task beyond their scope of knowledge. People would ask are you, fill in the blank, in my example a pastor. Yet by staying at a Holiday Inn supposedly gave the same type knowledge. Here, many false teachers act like pastors, and their only credentials are like staying at a Holiday Inn…zero!