John is a graduate of Liberty University with a BS in Religion, MA in Evangelism and Church Planting and a MDiv in Evangelism and Church Planting. He also holds a Certificate in Apologetics and a MA in Apologetics from Biola University.


John was raised in a small rural town as an only child and forced to go to church throughout  most of his childhood.  As an adult, he could have possibly been labeled agnostic.  However, at the age of forty one, God moved in his heart, and he accepted what he had known from a young age, the gift of salvation from our loving God and Savior.  Since then he has been driven by the conviction of the Holy Spirit, to carry out His Great Commission, to go and make disciples in all the nations.  His goal is to strengthen the follower and reach the lost with through historic, scientific, and philosophical evidence for the truth of the Christian worldview.  Through various ministry opportunities, college experience, and seminary education he has been able to clarify the focus of his calling. He is convinced that God has given him the desire and gifts to serve Him through discipleship and apologetic ministries.  He is committed to helping others experience God’s love through apologetics, to nurturing their spiritual development, to enabling them to discover their spiritual gifts, and to equipping them for effective ministry.


Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, MDiv Evangelism and Church Planting December 2015

Biola University, MA in Christian Apologetics

Biola University, Certificate of Apologetics, 2014

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, MA Evangelism and Church Planting, 2009

Liberty University, BS Religion, 2008


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  1. Jason B. Ladd

    John, Thanks for your service in apologetics and thanks for following FIGHTER FAITH. I’m providing a free copy of my e-book Far Better Men to service members, veterans, and e-mail subscribers. Come on back if you’re interested in this free digital download.



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